Thank you for landing in the right place. Everything happens for a reason. Let me introduce myself. My name is Leona K. Dean but, everyone just calls me Cookie. So please feel free to use my nickname.

Authentic Freedom comes from knowing your truth and using it to shift self-perception or identity. How you see yourself based on your beliefs.

I help sensitive, empathic, spiritual entrepreneurs find their truth to uncover Purpose and Personal Power needed to live in balance and prosperity. 

This is for the women who seek clarity and confidence in business, life, and love. They are all connected to your own self-perception or identity.

Being someone with integrity and heart is a gift, and should not be a  challenge.

I want to inspire you to feel validated and confident in your special empathic heart edges and personality.

At the age of 50 after too many sudden deaths of close ones and going through menopause I realized that I had been giving all my gifts and love in return for surviving and going without. Which is great for a young mother but now it was time for me.

My lifelong need to fit in and be accepted as good enough made me an empty and resentful and imbalanced person.

I had an epiphany one day that hit me hard. Either I was enough now or I never would be.

This is when I gave myself permission to ask for more and 

 said no more settling for less.


I combined my own many transformations, development through education, and learning to self-love.