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A little about me and what I do.
My real name is Leona Dean but I go by Cookie. You can call me either one. lol, I believe everything happens for a reason we just need to connect the dots. I'm a spiritual guide for gifted, empathic rebels with a calling. This means I use my own experiences, journey, insight, and intuition to inspire, encourage and share the tools needed to fully embrace your highest dreams and goals.
If you would like more information check out my website at
My background is rooted in a 2-year degree in ancient healing, hypnotherapy, coaching, and spiritual studies with 25 years of mentoring motivated women. 
My services.
One 40- minute meet and chat for free to first-time clients.
6-weeks intensive book camp to uncover your Brand Essence for $999.00. This consists of one full session every 2-weeks with homework, quizzes, meditations, feedback, and email access. 
Month to month spiritual support and mindset tools to break out of the old story, conditioning, and stuck energy. This is for the serious and determined maverick ready to own her truth and shine in the light. We will meet twice monthly for 3-6 months. It is my honor to guide and be a part of your journey.
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Cookie Dean.