Moonmaiden Spirit

Uncover the power of feminine essence.

Everything you need to make dreams come true was intelligently placed in your essence. 

Identity vs Essence.

Living from the old story and all the harshness is a big part of how we perceive ourselves. How we lead, follow, love and express in a world that expects us to be someone we no longer can. No longer will. 

This is the process of individuation from the lower energies to the aligned, empowered and awakened essence. 

From the inhibited identity to no-apologies of your essence.

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Are you a seeker of freedom and truth? Want to reach your highest potential?

- “I work with gifted female rebels in business,


who are tired of playing small and want to step into their vibration.

They want to embrace their energy and talents confidently so they can create light, love, and prosperity while being seen and valued in their Highest Passion.

How I help you Sweet Warrior.

I help you feel safe and validated to share the real essence of yourself.
Take ownership and accountability of your feelings so you feel empowered and valued to step into your authentic power and leadership, so you can take back that personal identity and shine in your power and light.

Believe, receive, accept, allow all the good waiting for you.

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Uncover a New Way of seeing yourself as a Non-traditional entrepreneur.