Everything you need to make dreams come true was intelligently placed in your essence. 

Identity vs Essence.

Identity is the false self we present to the world to protect us from the fear that grows from a belief created by an emotional wound. In order for the character to achieve their goal, they must face this fear. ... The character arc is the journey between living fully in their identity and living fully in their essence.'

I want to help you find your essence or higher self to shine in business and life.


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Be Divinely Daring and Authentically you.

To Thine Self be True.

Are you in? Ready to step into the Spiritual Goddess and Be your own Hero?

I believe everything happens for a reason and nothing happens by mistake. If you have been following my erratic adventure or path of rising into my Highest Goddess? And if you are where I was at a short while ago?

It's time to set the intention and go all in for yourself. Don't worry I do know how scary it is to take a step out of that comfort zone. But, you are here for a reason. So, let's meet and talk and share our empathic connection for more. This will cost nothing and I gain as much as you do. 

You can trust that I will be honest and forthright all from love. 

If you are needing some direction and clarity to move forward on your journey in business or life?

Set up a free 30-minute session.

I look forward to meeting you.

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Are you a seeker of freedom and truth? Want to reach your highest potential?

- “I work with gifted female rebels in business,


who are tired of playing small and want to step into their vibration.

They want to embrace their energy and talents confidently so they can create light, love, and prosperity while being seen and valued in their Highest Passion.

How I help you Sweet Warrior.

I help you feel safe and validated to share the real essence of yourself.
Take ownership and accountability of your feelings so you feel empowered and valued to step into your authentic power and leadership, so you can take back that personal identity and shine in your power and light.

Believe, receive, accept, allow all the good waiting for you.

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